Sunday, January 13, 2008

I will vote Dem before I vote Huck.

I am joining the ranks of other conservative bloggers in announcing that if Huck is the Republican nominee for President then I will vote for a Democrat before I vote for Huck.
Ace of Spades
Not that what one blogger thinks matters that much, but if Huckabee gets the nomination, I'm voting Democratic. It's not just an idle threat; I just won't vote for him and in fact won't even vote third party or stay home. I'll vote for the Democratic candidate, even Hillary. I won't be a party to selling out everything the party is supposed to stand for to a liberal ideology. If we're going to have eight years of liberal rule, I'd rather the Democratic Party be governing, so at least they can take the blame. (my bold)
Dan Riehl:
That Presidential "R" in 2008 will stand for nothing I believe in. The guy is slick but doesn't even look competent. And if Republican primary voters are that stupid, they deserve to lose next Fall. To pass over McCain, Thompson, Romney and Giuliani ONLY because someone's slick and a Jesus Freak, which makes him your average televangelist - forget it.

American Pundit:
Between his lack of knowledge on the NIE, his supporting of tuition funding for illegal aliens, his tax policies, his stance on Gitmo, his stupidity regarding AIDS patients, his pardoning people just ’cause, his ignorance on U.S.-Cuban relations and his flip-flop on the trade embargo, I just can’t bring myself to support him.
Born Again Redneck:
I would rather see Hillary be blamed for not vetoing Congress' tax increases, for screwing up in Iraq, for introducing socialized medicine and for expanding entitlements to the point of creating a womb to tomb welfare state. Huckabee will do all that and maybe even worse and the GOP will be blamed for the economic catastrophe that will result and the increase in terrorism.
Conservative Belle:

I liked Mike Huckabee, but after examining his record more closely and listening to him, I've decided he is the WRONG man to lead our nation. Why? Because I believe there are other Republican candidates who seek God's wisdom daily but are just not overt and in your face about it. Because I believe there are other candidates who believe that Americans are capable of being responsible for their own lives and do not need the federal government to intervene on our behalf (i.e., Nanny State). Because I believe there are other candidates who don't just speak rhetoric about homeland security but have substantial plans and the ability and will to implement them. Because I believe there are other candidates who don't just pay ignorant lip service to foreign policy issues but have a real understanding of the threats to the West and the ability to communicate properly exactly how America intends to act upon those threats. Because I believe there are other candidates who have a reasonable grasp on the economic issues, including the massive entitlement program spending problem and the ability to use a veto pen. And because Mike Huckabee has absolutely ZERO foreign policy experience in a time that our nation needs it most. (my bold)
Rick Moran:
I believe him (Huck) to be a shady operator who, as Levin points out, uses religion as a club against his opponents while setting himself up to be a “superior Christian” to the other candidates. The mindless enthusiasm for this “populist” only shows that the religious right is not ready or worthy to lead any party that purports to represent a polyglot collection of neocons, Main Street, Traditional, and economic conservatives.
I know that many social cons do not support Huckabee and are supporting other candidates who also espouse socially conservative positions. I have no problem with that whatsoever. Those other candidates are not using their religion as a wedge issue in order to maximize their support among one faction or another in the conservative movement. Huckabee, on the other hand, sees his only chance at success in breaking the party and the movement by throwing his weight around as a “Christian leader” while feeding the resentment and paranoia of some evangelicals who think opposition to his candidacy is the result of his religion.

As one of Ace's commenter's said,"the presidency is not an internship."

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