Tuesday, January 15, 2008


In the House of Representatives, there is no stronger ally in the war against Pork than Representative Jeff Flake. Flake is known for proposing amendments stripping House members of their most prized possession, Pork. Often this involves, Flake, standing alone on the House floor like a gunfighter in the Old West,facing off against the purveyor of another egregious earmark. Some examples here.
Flake is on a mission to save the taxpayers' money,one earmark at a time while restoring the name brand of the GOP. Since 1994, the number of earmarks in appropriation bills has tripled.
It just so happens there is a Republican seat available on the House Appropriations Committee. To quote the guys at RedState: "
The Republican leadership has a great opportunity to prove that it is serious about earmark reform and a conservative approach to spending. It’s time to put some action behind their rhetoric...Our party needs Jeff Flake as the face for reform on the influential Appropriations Committee. He is also one of the few men who could change the committee instead of the committee changing him."
To show your support for this Porkbuster, contact your Representative and let them know you take a hard-line against pork-barrel spending and they should too. They can start by appointing Jeff Flake to the Appropriations Comm.

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