Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Random thoughts on Romney.
Ann Coulter's quasi endorsement of Mitt Romney for President inspired me to think about Mitt's favorable attributes. Ann didn't exactly endorse Mitt as she dismissed all the other candidates. This is not an endorsement.
General Election Mitt:
  • takes away any Democrats' absolute moral authority on healthcare. 95% of voters won't know anything about his Massachusetts Plan but that he got it done in Massachusetts and it appears to be working.
  • He wins the values and family issues hands down. The Clinton,Obama,or Edwards campaigns don't want to fight that fight. Squeaky clean Mitt, the consummate family man with stables of family verses Hill and Bill's Wild Ride, adolescent pot smoking, and rumors of cheating on a cancer-stricken wife. It didn't hurt W. in 2000 that Bill presided over one of the most amoral presidencies of the 20th century. It will help Mitt.
  • is stuck with his campaign promises. As Peggy Noonan put it, "everybody has the right to change their mind once." Romney has once and therefore he is now painted into a corner on abortion. Due to his campaign rhetoric, he has no room to back away from supporting Pro-life issues and taking a strong stance on illegal immigration. During the general watch the 527s come out and paint Mitt as anti-choice. There is no better way to endear yourself to the conservative community than to be attacked by the likes of NARAL.
  • becomes the political version of Lee Iaccoca. The competent JD/MBA grad with a history of turnarounds ( Olympics, Bain, and various business ventures). He also refused to give up on the possibility of jobs returning to Michigan and the voters rewarded him. Replace Michigan with the entire U.S. (high taxes, job loss, and failing industries) and Mitt is the man for CEO of the United States.

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