Thursday, October 19, 2006

Need A Few Good Reasons to Vote Republican?

Let this video remind you why you should back the GOP. Courtesy of Mary Katherine Ham at Townhall.

Riley Stretches Lead.

In the latest poll, Gov. Riley's lead has increased to 21%. The data shows that while Riley's lead has continued to grow, Baxley's support has continued to slip.
Click on the darkened "T" box to see the tracking for all subcategories.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Its the Economy, Stupid! (courtesy of The Club for Growth)

2003 Bush Tax Cut: By The NumbersHistoric Tax Cut Boosts Growth, Lifts Stock Market, and Increases Jobs
$14,374,330,000,000-Total Increase in Household Wealth Since April 2003
$5,700,000,000,000-Total Increase in Shareholder Wealth Since May 20, 2003
$863,654,000,000-Total Amount of Tax Cuts Enacted Since Fiscal Year 2003
$783,890,000,000-Total Amount of Additional Tax Cuts to be Returned to Taxpayers Through 2010
$625,000,000,000-Total Increase in Federal Tax Revenues Since FY 2003
$207,788,000,000-Reduction in the Deficit in the Past 29 Months Due to Stronger Economic Growth
$98,600,000,000-Combined Income Gains for Shareholders From Dividend Increases & Tax Savings 03-05
$62,000,000,000-Surplus of Capital Gains Tax Revenue Not Accounted For By Revenue Estimators
$60,000,000,000-Deficit REDUCTION Since the Tax Cut Was Signed Into Law
300,001,643-Total Number of Americans benefiting from President Bush’s Tax Cut
91,000,000-Number of Individuals Owning Shares of Stock in America
23,000,000-Number of Small Businesses Benefiting from Income Tax Reductions
6,600,000-Number of Jobs Created Since the Tax Cut Was Signed Into Law
12,000-The Magic Number of the Dow Jones Industrial Index is an Arms Length Away
$2,092-Tax Increase for a Family of Four With $50k of Income if Tax Cuts Are Repealed
200-Number of House Members Who
Voted Against This Growth Generating Tax Cut
50-Number of US Senators Who
Voted Against This Growth Generating Tax Cut
25-Number of Years Dividend Paying Companies Declined Prior to the 2003 Tax Cut
164.0%-Increase in the Dividend Tax Rate if the Income and Dividend Tax Cuts Expire
123.0%-Increase in Dividend Income and Share Repurchases Since 2003 Tax Cut
91.0%-Increase of Stock Ownership in the Bottom Quintile of Income Distribution Since 1995
74.0%- Increase in S&P 500 Companies Boosting Their Dividend Since 2002
65.0%-% of Voters Who Were Investors in the 2004 Elections
51.2%-% of Total Tax Cut "Cost" That Has Been Recouped From Higher Levels of Growth
14.0%-% Margin of Victory for Republicans From Investor Voters in 2002 Elections
4.6%-Unemployment Rate Which Continues To Disprove the Constant Economic Pessimism
3.7%-% Average Quarterly GDP Growth Since Tax Cut Was Enacted (long run average is 3.3%)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cardin campaign attacks Michael Steele's race..again.
[Ben] Cardin, a dry and detailed-oriented career legislator, was upstaged at his Upper Marlboro event Sunday by the irrepressible Rep. Steny Hoyer, who did a comedy routine about the event’s host, Cool Wave Water, and told the audience that [Michael] Steele had had “a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party.” (italics mine)
I understand that tying incumbent Republicans to failed Bush policies without offering new ideas is a winning strategy for the Democrats this year. It is the oratorical equivalent of, "Bush lied, kids died." However, Steele is not an incumbent. He is only the highest ranking African-American ever elected to statewide office in Maryland. Cardin is going to have to bring more than that to defeat Steele. Hence the remarks made in proxy by Steny Hoyer.

Check out this blog for the best campaign ads this season.

Monday, October 16, 2006

10 Things Your Congressman Won't Tell You

#1-"I can't lose."--On average, more than 90% of House incumbents win, according to a 2005 report by the Cato Institute.
#9 bothers me, just ask Duke Cunningham or Jack Abramoff about it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Clinton vs. McCain, Part Deux

Maureen Dowd's latest column had the following remark in which McCain was described as “looking similar to the way he (McCain) did on those captive tapes from Hanoi, where he recited the names of his crew mates.”
This naturally drew a response, which I particularily like from McCain advisor John Weaver:"I never expected the Clintons or their allies to know much about Vietnam. But [it] is disappointing to see one of her spokespeople purposefully lie about John's war record and time in a Hanoi prison camp. There was no such tape recording; though he did once give up the starting lineup of the Green Bay Packers while under extreme duress. Senator Clinton's spokesperson does a disservice to all who were there and served so bravely and honorably."
I couldn't have said it any better.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Santorum vs. Casey debate info here and here.

Probably the best Hot Air ever.

Peggy Noonan points out the Left's stifling of speech at four events in the last 10 days.

"Christians and Big Government."

An interesting essay by Dick Armey on the proper balance between freedom, our values, and the size of government. Mentioned at length is Gov. Riley's failed tax reform package and the forces that combined to defeat it. For any liberals there is plenty of bashing of James Dobson.